Thursday, 13 August 2009

just some thoughts

i just washed my hair and i noticed how well my hair is coming along, the back actually feels loced up and also they are taking shape at the front too regardless of the unravelling, but im at a stage where i can see my locs growing and maturing over the years, only a few weeks ago, i didnt believe that it would loc at all, because it unravelled so much. i am at a stage where i am happy i decided to loc my hair, i know i still got a long way ahead of me, but i can see a future !!!
its very short at the moment, i have no idea if my hair will grow but i would like it to get to about shoulder length, if not well then there isnt much i can about it.
at the moment i am happy, i have kinda got my own little low maintainance routine going, i am at peace with my hair!! (well i am this week anyway)

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