Wednesday, 17 June 2009


hi everyone, sorry to not have posted for a while, ive just moved house, so everything is disconnected and its all chaos down here!!!!
i will have a short break from posting but i WILL be back with updates and photos, but once im reconnected to the net everything will be back to normal and my loc journey blog will continue.
peace & love to you all


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

my hair is depressing me

not free forming anymore

well its been a weekend!!!! i am having so many ups and downs with my hair, but it seems a lot of downs (its probably not, but thats just how i am feeling) my hair has been SO dry lately, it feels dry to touch, i havent found anything yet that works to add moisture, or to soften my hair abit??
also so much of my hair has undone, i really looked a mess yesterday and i didnt like it, im not sure if i am going to freeform, although i like the idea around it, i dont think i have got what it takes.... i just dont think i am ready to free form, i get so annoyed every time i wash my hair and it unravels, at this rate it really will be years until my hair even starts budding/locing.......SO i cracked and twisted them up a bit, not major retightening but just so at least they might have a chance of forming a loc!!!! i know if i left it freeforming it would eventually lock but my hair is so loose and naturally straight that it undos really easily, and it s kinda ruining my journey because i want to see progress but its disheartening when it completely unreavels.
im glad i have made this decision, as i think my hair will respond better to being retwisted when needed, and i am happier, and thats the main thing.
I al combined a few twist and made some new ones thicker, i want chunky locs, but i got quite alot of hair and its the third time i have combined some already, and i still think some are too thin, but im gonna leave it for now and maybe combine again in a few months.
hope you all ok, and your hair is behaving how you want it too.

new followers

hi to my 2 new followers, thank you for showing interest in my hair journey xx

Friday, 5 June 2009


YAY  its been one month since i started my locs. its been a real learning experience so far, but most of the time enjoyable. i love the fact that my hair care routine is so natural and easy to maintain, now that i dont have to comb out my natural loose hair anymore, its so easy now not worrying about water getting on my hair or plaiting it, i just wash and go!!!!
im semi free forming, but am currently free forming, im just tooooooooo lazy.
ive got a long way to go as most of the hair at the front has undone, my roots are really thick but i cant be bothered yet to retwist, i will at some point but for now il stick to being lazy.

but i am happy, one month in and its an exciting adventure!!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

my first baking soda and acv rinse

well as the title says.... i gave it a go last night, i must admit i was a little disappointed, i dont know what i was expecting but i thought the baking soda would FIZZ up or something, i dunno, but nothing spectacular happened, i wouldn't say my hair felt any cleaner or different since doing this wash/rinse, it just feels the same really. the only different thing i did notice was that it brought the lint to the surface which was a good thing cos i could pick it out. 
a lot of my coils unravelled again, but i just couldn't be bothered to re twist, i'm too lazy and cant be bothered, so i just let it air dry and thats it, i like free forming, although i am a little worried about my roots locking in one big clump, as i do kinda want individual locks. 
heres a few pics after my 1st baking powder/acv rinse.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

my new beaded hair bands

i got this new hair band, its really pretty, it was a two pack, one brown and one black, the beads are really dainty and it also has some tiny bells on which jingle slightly.

Monday, 1 June 2009

my morning hair

hiya how you all doing?????
im finding that the more i accept my hair is going to do its own thing, the more relaxed ive come to live with it, if it wants to stick up will !!!!
still lots and lots of unravelling at the front, but the back where my hair is coarser is coming along just fine, its really behaving back there!!!! i was thinking the other day, i wander what the back of my hair looks like, i hope i havent got lots of lint in it, i guess i will never know, until someone tells me, i dont like to cover my hair you see, it make my scalp dry and itchy, plus a cover at night NEVER stay on, so my hair is pretty much open to the elements all the time, im not too worried just sometimes i read threads about lint/build up/mould in locks.... i dont want mould in my locks.... oh i also had another nightmare........what would happen if you had head lice in locks???? ive never had head lice(thank god) but i have a three year old, they have head lice outbreak so often (so far hes never had it too...thank god) i think thats what scares me most about having locs...having nits oooooooooohhhh
anyway il post a few pic of what i look like in the warned its frightening!!!!
love 2 ya all