Saturday, 10 October 2009

naptural sweetness and all my folowers

hello, hope you enjoy my blog, thanks for joining x

And a big thank you to all my followers, i am grateful you all took the time out to join my blog, i am not very computer savvy, i havent worked out how to join any blogs myself yet, i have tried joining some but it never seems to work, i will try and sort that out too soon.


Thursday, 8 October 2009

another month gone by

hello everyone, hope you all are well, and things are ok. so its another month....month FIVE, I'm so near to my six month anniversary.

really its the same things which are happening, shrinkage and the back is also locing up well. at the moment i am trying rinsing my hair everyday when i have my morning bath, which i am enjoying and my hair feels really clean doing this, mind you its autumn here(uk) and its getting cold already, so i dont know how long i will be doing this without me getting pneumonia.

my current hair routine is rinse under water each morning for about 5/10 mins, then i towel dry and choose from a hair band from my ever growing collection, i am loving the simplicity of my hair at the moment, its quite short at the moment, so its so easy to maintain, which i love, i sometimes panic about how i will cope when my dreads get long in the future and whether i will be able to cope!!!! i am sure i will but i really like its current state and length, and the natural style it falls (well it doesnt exactly fall yet!!) into.

anyway heres a few quick pics ive just taken on my laptop, im must remember to get my proper camera out and take some decent images of my hair.

p.s is it just me or is nappturality website down??? i just cant seem to log onto the site anymore?? any info,, please share x

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

this morning hair

hello, here are some pics i took this morning, im four months in, im just letting my hair do its own thing!!! i can feel my hair texture changing, im noticing my grey hairs more and im still just using up the avalon shampoo ive got, and doing regular baking soda/acv when needed.

i will try and get some shots of the back of my head but i will need to get my other camera to do that, so hope to get around to it soon.

hope everyone is ok, its gone very quiet, havent heard from anyone for a while


Sunday, 6 September 2009

another month gone by

another month, not much change going on, just loads of frizz really!! i think my hair will take a while to loc, but i am really embracing freeforming at the moment, i think i might have to seperate my roots a bit more though, cos they are kinda getting stuck, so i had to cut some apart, being it was ppulling my hair too tight.

anyway 5th may i started locing, so month 4!!

i do wonder when they will start to look like locks, and not just messy twists, but im patiently waiting for nature to do its thing.

il post some pics soon xx

Monday, 17 August 2009


hello to all the new followers, thank you for joining me on my hair journey xx

Thursday, 13 August 2009

just some thoughts

i just washed my hair and i noticed how well my hair is coming along, the back actually feels loced up and also they are taking shape at the front too regardless of the unravelling, but im at a stage where i can see my locs growing and maturing over the years, only a few weeks ago, i didnt believe that it would loc at all, because it unravelled so much. i am at a stage where i am happy i decided to loc my hair, i know i still got a long way ahead of me, but i can see a future !!!
its very short at the moment, i have no idea if my hair will grow but i would like it to get to about shoulder length, if not well then there isnt much i can about it.
at the moment i am happy, i have kinda got my own little low maintainance routine going, i am at peace with my hair!! (well i am this week anyway)

i tried wrapping my hair with string

so i tried to wrap my hair with some lovely colourful hemp, i didnt think i did too bad for my first try, and i think it looks really pretty. i cant wait to start making my own loc jewellery, ive got to order some stuff and then i will give it a go.
anyway here are the photos

Thursday, 6 August 2009

quick photos4now

i have just taken these pics this morning.
the 1st pic show some budding and the other two just show what my hair looks like at the moment, it likes to point upwards and its shrunk loads, i havent really done any interesting styles yet because its gone quite tough and hard to style.

another month gone by

hello everyone, i hope you are all well and happy.
so its another month, changes here and there but nothing major. my hair is budding and shrinking so all good signs, still alot of unravelling but im used to it now so nothing to worry about, my hair is still sticking UP!!!!!!! so i am looking forward to the day when it actually falls down. im still being lazy about my hair, i wash a couple times a week with organic shampoo, and i spritz with water sometimes and i have got coconut oil and evoo on hand if needed. i kinda given up retwisting as it undos the next day, so as i play in my hair so much i count that as kinda retwisting, its sooooooo frizzy but i really have got used to just going with the flow of things and having faith in the locing process. it has been a hard journey so far, just because its so unknown and im doing it on my lonesome, but im in it for the long run, so only time will tell.
i will do some photos soon, its just so busy as its the 6 week school holidays so my son and nieces/nephews are taking up all my time.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

chilling out

hi when my loc fell out i was really devasted...well i was probably scared more than any thing else, i just thought that my hair must be in such bad condition and maybe more locs would fall out, anyway ive had time to relax a bit and i am not feeling so stressed out over it all, ive got to the stage where ive just accepted it as part of my journey, i am not going to reattach it-the main reason being i have actually misplaced the loc somewhere, so nevermind, i cant actually feel a bald spot where it fell out, so ive almost forgotten really that a loc fell out.

im still kinda free forming, i really just wash my hair a couple times a week, i add baking soda sometimes and i sometimes do acv rinse, if my hair seems dry i use a little evoo, i just cant be bothered with retwisting anymore, i really am just too lazy, i found it too time consuming and my 3yr old doesnt like the fact mummy has to sit down and do her hair for about 4hrs+, so now i just try and seperate so i can kida feel some partings and thats it, its so much easier.

i think free forming will mean my hair will take longer to grow in length becuse it isnt really being encouraged in any way, i dont care though because i think i have slow growing hair anyway, the back of my head is still progressing well, i can still undo all my babies if i wanted to, but the hair is definately starting to slowly loc, i will be really happy when it is completely loc'd though.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

look what happened

im distressed, a baby fell out

just washed

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

my hair today

side view photo

im back

hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. im finally back online so i can start to update my blog, ive been so busy moving that i havent done ANYTHING with my hair except wash / rinse it, which has been quite good for me really because i havent been so hung up it, so i feel so much more relaxed regarding my hair.
at the moment i am using AVALON LEMON AND SHEA BUTTER ORGANIC SHAMPOO its really fresh and i find ok for my hair, before that i was using australian tea tree oil shampoo, which although smelt lovely, it made my hair itchy. i wanted to not use any shampoo on my hair but i couldnt take it, just using baking soda and acv rinses do nothing apart from chronically dry out my hair, so at the moment i am happy to use shampoo again, but only organic products.
my hair is going through the shrinking process at the moment, so it looks quite short, everyone keeps on asking if i have cut it! also i also get asked alot "is it supposed to look like that" so its getting tiring explain to people that i am locing my hair with as low maintanence as poss, and that my hair might look like a big afro but one day it will resemble locs.
i will put up some pics soon, let me know if you can see any changes, as always encouragement needed, as i really dont know ANYONE who is dreading their hair, when i went to the salon with my friend who gets her hair relaxed and tong, the hairdresser asked me what i was having done to my hair, i said im not getting my hair done, after that the hairdresser spoke amongst themselves in another language but i kept hearing the word RASTA pop up, i was quietly laughing and had to feel strong in myself to ignore the looks etc etc.
anyway i hope everyones hair is doing what its suppose to be doing, talk2uall soon

Wednesday, 17 June 2009


hi everyone, sorry to not have posted for a while, ive just moved house, so everything is disconnected and its all chaos down here!!!!
i will have a short break from posting but i WILL be back with updates and photos, but once im reconnected to the net everything will be back to normal and my loc journey blog will continue.
peace & love to you all


Tuesday, 9 June 2009

my hair is depressing me

not free forming anymore

well its been a weekend!!!! i am having so many ups and downs with my hair, but it seems a lot of downs (its probably not, but thats just how i am feeling) my hair has been SO dry lately, it feels dry to touch, i havent found anything yet that works to add moisture, or to soften my hair abit??
also so much of my hair has undone, i really looked a mess yesterday and i didnt like it, im not sure if i am going to freeform, although i like the idea around it, i dont think i have got what it takes.... i just dont think i am ready to free form, i get so annoyed every time i wash my hair and it unravels, at this rate it really will be years until my hair even starts budding/locing.......SO i cracked and twisted them up a bit, not major retightening but just so at least they might have a chance of forming a loc!!!! i know if i left it freeforming it would eventually lock but my hair is so loose and naturally straight that it undos really easily, and it s kinda ruining my journey because i want to see progress but its disheartening when it completely unreavels.
im glad i have made this decision, as i think my hair will respond better to being retwisted when needed, and i am happier, and thats the main thing.
I al combined a few twist and made some new ones thicker, i want chunky locs, but i got quite alot of hair and its the third time i have combined some already, and i still think some are too thin, but im gonna leave it for now and maybe combine again in a few months.
hope you all ok, and your hair is behaving how you want it too.

new followers

hi to my 2 new followers, thank you for showing interest in my hair journey xx

Friday, 5 June 2009


YAY  its been one month since i started my locs. its been a real learning experience so far, but most of the time enjoyable. i love the fact that my hair care routine is so natural and easy to maintain, now that i dont have to comb out my natural loose hair anymore, its so easy now not worrying about water getting on my hair or plaiting it, i just wash and go!!!!
im semi free forming, but am currently free forming, im just tooooooooo lazy.
ive got a long way to go as most of the hair at the front has undone, my roots are really thick but i cant be bothered yet to retwist, i will at some point but for now il stick to being lazy.

but i am happy, one month in and its an exciting adventure!!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

my first baking soda and acv rinse

well as the title says.... i gave it a go last night, i must admit i was a little disappointed, i dont know what i was expecting but i thought the baking soda would FIZZ up or something, i dunno, but nothing spectacular happened, i wouldn't say my hair felt any cleaner or different since doing this wash/rinse, it just feels the same really. the only different thing i did notice was that it brought the lint to the surface which was a good thing cos i could pick it out. 
a lot of my coils unravelled again, but i just couldn't be bothered to re twist, i'm too lazy and cant be bothered, so i just let it air dry and thats it, i like free forming, although i am a little worried about my roots locking in one big clump, as i do kinda want individual locks. 
heres a few pics after my 1st baking powder/acv rinse.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

my new beaded hair bands

i got this new hair band, its really pretty, it was a two pack, one brown and one black, the beads are really dainty and it also has some tiny bells on which jingle slightly.

Monday, 1 June 2009

my morning hair

hiya how you all doing?????
im finding that the more i accept my hair is going to do its own thing, the more relaxed ive come to live with it, if it wants to stick up will !!!!
still lots and lots of unravelling at the front, but the back where my hair is coarser is coming along just fine, its really behaving back there!!!! i was thinking the other day, i wander what the back of my hair looks like, i hope i havent got lots of lint in it, i guess i will never know, until someone tells me, i dont like to cover my hair you see, it make my scalp dry and itchy, plus a cover at night NEVER stay on, so my hair is pretty much open to the elements all the time, im not too worried just sometimes i read threads about lint/build up/mould in locks.... i dont want mould in my locks.... oh i also had another nightmare........what would happen if you had head lice in locks???? ive never had head lice(thank god) but i have a three year old, they have head lice outbreak so often (so far hes never had it too...thank god) i think thats what scares me most about having locs...having nits oooooooooohhhh
anyway il post a few pic of what i look like in the warned its frightening!!!!
love 2 ya all

Saturday, 30 May 2009


i washed my hair last night, i feel so much better, so does my hair, im still trying to find something i like that is natural to wash my hair in, i did give in already though and ordered an organic tea tree oil shampoo, i thought i wasnt going to buy any more shampoo again, but for now i have changed my mind, i havent got it yet so dont know if i like it but at least its there if i need to use "real" shampoo, last night i used natural fruit tea bags, i also use jojaba oil, tea tree oil and ive got almond oil somewhere too. today i bought some baking soda and acv, which i will try and my next wash.

ive already realized  that my hair CANT take daily prolonged rinsing, it left my hair too dry and my scalp turned white, so thats a no no, instead now when i wash my hair, i will just do a long rinse after shampooing, thats what i did last night and all seems fine.

oh yeah, i ordered some flower hair clips, a beaded hair band and another hair band, just to keep my hair feeling pretty in the sun from ASOS (a uk shop)

today i am feeling happier about my hair :)

feeling better

Thursday, 28 May 2009

bad hair day

bad hair day

i am loving my journey, but yesterday i must admit i was feeling like i was having a BAD hair day. I think i was just having a case of being impatient!!!! i WANT locs NOW!!!.
Its only a month, so not much progress my hair just looks a mess, when i looked in the mirror yesterday, i felt even uglier than usual, i know this is all the stages of having locs and i am going to stick with it, but the hair on my head doesnt look nice at the moment, even hair bands/scarves do not improve "the look". 
I am not really fashion concious but i guess i didnt really know how much my hair effects my day... As i am semi free forming i guess my hair looks untidier than normal, so its something i just have to get used too, and others around me, i know my sister who has dead straight natural hair doesnt get it, or her best friend with long relaxed groomed hair and the mums at my son's school, i have noticed the stares...its not their fault really, they have NEVER seen anyone grow locks, so i think they think im just going through a rough patch or something, so i guess im just finding it a bit hard going through this process alone, no one seems to get that my hair is supposed to look like this for now, it will look different in a year or so time(hopefully) but with 11 months to go before a year is out, i wander if i am going to crack?????
i dont think so but its definately going to be a bumpy ride.

Monday, 25 May 2009

my followers

hi and welcome to my 1st blog followers, msfullroller, april,astral and sum kinda wonderful.
i hope you will enjoy my journey, i will do lots of updates and photos, any questions please ask, its nice to hear from you guys.
loadsa love2u all
myhairisfree :)

Sunday, 24 May 2009

free forming/ washing

i am pretty much free forming my locs.
since i had them comb coiled (single twist) i haven't done much really too them, i prefer it this way, everyone is different, some prefer to retwist often, some free form, whatever you fancy really. i am really lazy and cannot be bothered to do much to my hair, so i am going to do nothing, if i feel like it needs seperating a bit then i will use some organic aloe vera gel and twist them.
i also have done a prolonged rinse which i truly recommend, it felt so good and my hair loved it, it is so clean and its the least dandruff i have ever had in my hair.
ive stopped using all shampoos and i am not intending to go back to using them, but i have to wait and see how my hair copes with out being shampooed!! 
so far nearly a month without shampooing, just washing/rinsing with water, and some natural organic jojaba oil and organic tea tree oil for scent. my hair feels cleans and looks clean and smells fresh, i hope it continues to blossom like this because i want to continue just using natural products only.

first pics

here are some pics of my dreads, i started them with single twist on the 5th may 2009 and this is what has happened since.
so today is the 24th may 2009 so its not really been that long, but i am loving everyday so far!!!!!

my first attempt at blogging

hi everyone, i am hoping to do a basic blog about myself.
i am locing my hair and i will blog my journey, if you would like to follow my blog, feel free.
it will be an interesting ride!!!!!!!