Thursday, 18 March 2010

hello everyone

hi everyone, its been such a long time since ive been on here, its been a pretty chaotic few months, its only now i feel like i can pause for a little while!!! ive moved house twice since i began my blog!!

hope all is well with everyone.

sooooo my locs.................. well it must be about 10months since i started locing my hair and i had loads of ups and downs with it all during that time, the worst downs are the amount of locs i have loss, i am actually kind of used to them falling out now, that it doesnt really bother me anymore, i have extremely weak hair due to my medical condition, that there was never going to be a best time for me to loc, so i just went ahead and loc'd.

apart from the locs falling out ive just really left my hair to do its own thing, the hair in the middle still hasnt loc'd at all, the back is doing well and the front really is a tangled mess, but its all good.... i really dont do much to my hair, this is more due to laziness i think than anything else, also i like the freeness of doing nothing to my hair.

my hair regime is daily rinsing when i have my shower and once in a while acv wash/shampoo, apart from that i use no products or doing much else to my hair.....its just hair!!!

i will put up some new pics asap.

talk2ualll soon


Saturday, 10 October 2009

naptural sweetness and all my folowers

hello, hope you enjoy my blog, thanks for joining x

And a big thank you to all my followers, i am grateful you all took the time out to join my blog, i am not very computer savvy, i havent worked out how to join any blogs myself yet, i have tried joining some but it never seems to work, i will try and sort that out too soon.


Thursday, 8 October 2009

another month gone by

hello everyone, hope you all are well, and things are ok. so its another month....month FIVE, I'm so near to my six month anniversary.

really its the same things which are happening, shrinkage and the back is also locing up well. at the moment i am trying rinsing my hair everyday when i have my morning bath, which i am enjoying and my hair feels really clean doing this, mind you its autumn here(uk) and its getting cold already, so i dont know how long i will be doing this without me getting pneumonia.

my current hair routine is rinse under water each morning for about 5/10 mins, then i towel dry and choose from a hair band from my ever growing collection, i am loving the simplicity of my hair at the moment, its quite short at the moment, so its so easy to maintain, which i love, i sometimes panic about how i will cope when my dreads get long in the future and whether i will be able to cope!!!! i am sure i will but i really like its current state and length, and the natural style it falls (well it doesnt exactly fall yet!!) into.

anyway heres a few quick pics ive just taken on my laptop, im must remember to get my proper camera out and take some decent images of my hair.

p.s is it just me or is nappturality website down??? i just cant seem to log onto the site anymore?? any info,, please share x

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

this morning hair

hello, here are some pics i took this morning, im four months in, im just letting my hair do its own thing!!! i can feel my hair texture changing, im noticing my grey hairs more and im still just using up the avalon shampoo ive got, and doing regular baking soda/acv when needed.

i will try and get some shots of the back of my head but i will need to get my other camera to do that, so hope to get around to it soon.

hope everyone is ok, its gone very quiet, havent heard from anyone for a while


Sunday, 6 September 2009

another month gone by

another month, not much change going on, just loads of frizz really!! i think my hair will take a while to loc, but i am really embracing freeforming at the moment, i think i might have to seperate my roots a bit more though, cos they are kinda getting stuck, so i had to cut some apart, being it was ppulling my hair too tight.

anyway 5th may i started locing, so month 4!!

i do wonder when they will start to look like locks, and not just messy twists, but im patiently waiting for nature to do its thing.

il post some pics soon xx

Monday, 17 August 2009


hello to all the new followers, thank you for joining me on my hair journey xx

Thursday, 13 August 2009

just some thoughts

i just washed my hair and i noticed how well my hair is coming along, the back actually feels loced up and also they are taking shape at the front too regardless of the unravelling, but im at a stage where i can see my locs growing and maturing over the years, only a few weeks ago, i didnt believe that it would loc at all, because it unravelled so much. i am at a stage where i am happy i decided to loc my hair, i know i still got a long way ahead of me, but i can see a future !!!
its very short at the moment, i have no idea if my hair will grow but i would like it to get to about shoulder length, if not well then there isnt much i can about it.
at the moment i am happy, i have kinda got my own little low maintainance routine going, i am at peace with my hair!! (well i am this week anyway)