Saturday, 30 May 2009


i washed my hair last night, i feel so much better, so does my hair, im still trying to find something i like that is natural to wash my hair in, i did give in already though and ordered an organic tea tree oil shampoo, i thought i wasnt going to buy any more shampoo again, but for now i have changed my mind, i havent got it yet so dont know if i like it but at least its there if i need to use "real" shampoo, last night i used natural fruit tea bags, i also use jojaba oil, tea tree oil and ive got almond oil somewhere too. today i bought some baking soda and acv, which i will try and my next wash.

ive already realized  that my hair CANT take daily prolonged rinsing, it left my hair too dry and my scalp turned white, so thats a no no, instead now when i wash my hair, i will just do a long rinse after shampooing, thats what i did last night and all seems fine.

oh yeah, i ordered some flower hair clips, a beaded hair band and another hair band, just to keep my hair feeling pretty in the sun from ASOS (a uk shop)

today i am feeling happier about my hair :)

feeling better

Thursday, 28 May 2009

bad hair day

bad hair day

i am loving my journey, but yesterday i must admit i was feeling like i was having a BAD hair day. I think i was just having a case of being impatient!!!! i WANT locs NOW!!!.
Its only a month, so not much progress my hair just looks a mess, when i looked in the mirror yesterday, i felt even uglier than usual, i know this is all the stages of having locs and i am going to stick with it, but the hair on my head doesnt look nice at the moment, even hair bands/scarves do not improve "the look". 
I am not really fashion concious but i guess i didnt really know how much my hair effects my day... As i am semi free forming i guess my hair looks untidier than normal, so its something i just have to get used too, and others around me, i know my sister who has dead straight natural hair doesnt get it, or her best friend with long relaxed groomed hair and the mums at my son's school, i have noticed the stares...its not their fault really, they have NEVER seen anyone grow locks, so i think they think im just going through a rough patch or something, so i guess im just finding it a bit hard going through this process alone, no one seems to get that my hair is supposed to look like this for now, it will look different in a year or so time(hopefully) but with 11 months to go before a year is out, i wander if i am going to crack?????
i dont think so but its definately going to be a bumpy ride.

Monday, 25 May 2009

my followers

hi and welcome to my 1st blog followers, msfullroller, april,astral and sum kinda wonderful.
i hope you will enjoy my journey, i will do lots of updates and photos, any questions please ask, its nice to hear from you guys.
loadsa love2u all
myhairisfree :)

Sunday, 24 May 2009

free forming/ washing

i am pretty much free forming my locs.
since i had them comb coiled (single twist) i haven't done much really too them, i prefer it this way, everyone is different, some prefer to retwist often, some free form, whatever you fancy really. i am really lazy and cannot be bothered to do much to my hair, so i am going to do nothing, if i feel like it needs seperating a bit then i will use some organic aloe vera gel and twist them.
i also have done a prolonged rinse which i truly recommend, it felt so good and my hair loved it, it is so clean and its the least dandruff i have ever had in my hair.
ive stopped using all shampoos and i am not intending to go back to using them, but i have to wait and see how my hair copes with out being shampooed!! 
so far nearly a month without shampooing, just washing/rinsing with water, and some natural organic jojaba oil and organic tea tree oil for scent. my hair feels cleans and looks clean and smells fresh, i hope it continues to blossom like this because i want to continue just using natural products only.

first pics

here are some pics of my dreads, i started them with single twist on the 5th may 2009 and this is what has happened since.
so today is the 24th may 2009 so its not really been that long, but i am loving everyday so far!!!!!

my first attempt at blogging

hi everyone, i am hoping to do a basic blog about myself.
i am locing my hair and i will blog my journey, if you would like to follow my blog, feel free.
it will be an interesting ride!!!!!!!