Wednesday, 9 September 2009

this morning hair

hello, here are some pics i took this morning, im four months in, im just letting my hair do its own thing!!! i can feel my hair texture changing, im noticing my grey hairs more and im still just using up the avalon shampoo ive got, and doing regular baking soda/acv when needed.

i will try and get some shots of the back of my head but i will need to get my other camera to do that, so hope to get around to it soon.

hope everyone is ok, its gone very quiet, havent heard from anyone for a while



  1. Your hair is looking like locks already!

  2. thanks, i can actually see that some are forming into locks, so i can see a bit of progress, alot of my hair still unravels and i can still undo them if i wanted to, but i am currently really happy with how my hair looks and feels.x