Thursday, 8 October 2009

another month gone by

hello everyone, hope you all are well, and things are ok. so its another month....month FIVE, I'm so near to my six month anniversary.

really its the same things which are happening, shrinkage and the back is also locing up well. at the moment i am trying rinsing my hair everyday when i have my morning bath, which i am enjoying and my hair feels really clean doing this, mind you its autumn here(uk) and its getting cold already, so i dont know how long i will be doing this without me getting pneumonia.

my current hair routine is rinse under water each morning for about 5/10 mins, then i towel dry and choose from a hair band from my ever growing collection, i am loving the simplicity of my hair at the moment, its quite short at the moment, so its so easy to maintain, which i love, i sometimes panic about how i will cope when my dreads get long in the future and whether i will be able to cope!!!! i am sure i will but i really like its current state and length, and the natural style it falls (well it doesnt exactly fall yet!!) into.

anyway heres a few quick pics ive just taken on my laptop, im must remember to get my proper camera out and take some decent images of my hair.

p.s is it just me or is nappturality website down??? i just cant seem to log onto the site anymore?? any info,, please share x


  1. Congrats and yeah the site has been down for improvements, it's back up now but I'm having problems signing in . I sent an email to see if my old info can be retrieved so I'm waiting to hear back.