Sunday, 24 May 2009

free forming/ washing

i am pretty much free forming my locs.
since i had them comb coiled (single twist) i haven't done much really too them, i prefer it this way, everyone is different, some prefer to retwist often, some free form, whatever you fancy really. i am really lazy and cannot be bothered to do much to my hair, so i am going to do nothing, if i feel like it needs seperating a bit then i will use some organic aloe vera gel and twist them.
i also have done a prolonged rinse which i truly recommend, it felt so good and my hair loved it, it is so clean and its the least dandruff i have ever had in my hair.
ive stopped using all shampoos and i am not intending to go back to using them, but i have to wait and see how my hair copes with out being shampooed!! 
so far nearly a month without shampooing, just washing/rinsing with water, and some natural organic jojaba oil and organic tea tree oil for scent. my hair feels cleans and looks clean and smells fresh, i hope it continues to blossom like this because i want to continue just using natural products only.


  1. Your locs are going to be fantastic! I'm too excited for you! I hope that your journey will be healthy and fun. :D

    (Astral from Nappturality)

  2. hi astral, thanks for your comments.
    im enjoying the journey so far, only a month in so still a way to go, but im sure i wont have any regrets!!