Saturday, 30 May 2009


i washed my hair last night, i feel so much better, so does my hair, im still trying to find something i like that is natural to wash my hair in, i did give in already though and ordered an organic tea tree oil shampoo, i thought i wasnt going to buy any more shampoo again, but for now i have changed my mind, i havent got it yet so dont know if i like it but at least its there if i need to use "real" shampoo, last night i used natural fruit tea bags, i also use jojaba oil, tea tree oil and ive got almond oil somewhere too. today i bought some baking soda and acv, which i will try and my next wash.

ive already realized  that my hair CANT take daily prolonged rinsing, it left my hair too dry and my scalp turned white, so thats a no no, instead now when i wash my hair, i will just do a long rinse after shampooing, thats what i did last night and all seems fine.

oh yeah, i ordered some flower hair clips, a beaded hair band and another hair band, just to keep my hair feeling pretty in the sun from ASOS (a uk shop)

today i am feeling happier about my hair :)


  1. See it's gonna be alright and it looks gorgeous! ;-)

  2. Might I suggest washing your locs with black soap. I've been using it for two weeks now, it's not harsh like shampoos, but it still cleans very well.

  3. hi thanks, i will look into black soap, ive only heard of it through np site, so i have to investigate!!!