Thursday, 28 May 2009

bad hair day

i am loving my journey, but yesterday i must admit i was feeling like i was having a BAD hair day. I think i was just having a case of being impatient!!!! i WANT locs NOW!!!.
Its only a month, so not much progress my hair just looks a mess, when i looked in the mirror yesterday, i felt even uglier than usual, i know this is all the stages of having locs and i am going to stick with it, but the hair on my head doesnt look nice at the moment, even hair bands/scarves do not improve "the look". 
I am not really fashion concious but i guess i didnt really know how much my hair effects my day... As i am semi free forming i guess my hair looks untidier than normal, so its something i just have to get used too, and others around me, i know my sister who has dead straight natural hair doesnt get it, or her best friend with long relaxed groomed hair and the mums at my son's school, i have noticed the stares...its not their fault really, they have NEVER seen anyone grow locks, so i think they think im just going through a rough patch or something, so i guess im just finding it a bit hard going through this process alone, no one seems to get that my hair is supposed to look like this for now, it will look different in a year or so time(hopefully) but with 11 months to go before a year is out, i wander if i am going to crack?????
i dont think so but its definately going to be a bumpy ride.


  1. I hear ya. I was feeling like that yesterday though that has passed for now. I think we give ourselves a preset limit of how long this should take. As I approach three months, it like " they should be locked by now, I know I want it bad enough". However, my hair has other plans, it's going to lock on its time not mine.
    Hope you start feeling better.

  2. thanks girls for the motivation, im hanging in there, got my new clips/hair bands today, so i will try them out over the next week, im getting more used to my ungroomed look, i must admit i have a "FRIGHT" each morning, when i get up and see my hair first thing, it looks wild-sticking up in every direction, but by the time i need to go out, a few sprays of water and some pretty clips etc, and things dont seem so bad.