Wednesday, 15 July 2009

im back

hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. im finally back online so i can start to update my blog, ive been so busy moving that i havent done ANYTHING with my hair except wash / rinse it, which has been quite good for me really because i havent been so hung up it, so i feel so much more relaxed regarding my hair.
at the moment i am using AVALON LEMON AND SHEA BUTTER ORGANIC SHAMPOO its really fresh and i find ok for my hair, before that i was using australian tea tree oil shampoo, which although smelt lovely, it made my hair itchy. i wanted to not use any shampoo on my hair but i couldnt take it, just using baking soda and acv rinses do nothing apart from chronically dry out my hair, so at the moment i am happy to use shampoo again, but only organic products.
my hair is going through the shrinking process at the moment, so it looks quite short, everyone keeps on asking if i have cut it! also i also get asked alot "is it supposed to look like that" so its getting tiring explain to people that i am locing my hair with as low maintanence as poss, and that my hair might look like a big afro but one day it will resemble locs.
i will put up some pics soon, let me know if you can see any changes, as always encouragement needed, as i really dont know ANYONE who is dreading their hair, when i went to the salon with my friend who gets her hair relaxed and tong, the hairdresser asked me what i was having done to my hair, i said im not getting my hair done, after that the hairdresser spoke amongst themselves in another language but i kept hearing the word RASTA pop up, i was quietly laughing and had to feel strong in myself to ignore the looks etc etc.
anyway i hope everyones hair is doing what its suppose to be doing, talk2uall soon

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