Thursday, 16 July 2009

just washed

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  1. just gave my hair a good wash, i seem to be washing every 2 to 3 day which is working out ok for me, if i leave it longer than that my hair smells. ive tried daily prolonged rinsing and my hair got soooo dry, so that was a no no, i also tried spritzing daily with water/ wtaer&eo/water and evoo but none of these spritz worked, they all made my hair dry and itchy. my hair doesn't like water on it unless its getting washed, other than that i better keep it dry.
    i am really enjoying learning about my hair and what works/doesn't for my hair, i've never really enjoyed or took much notice of it, but since deciding to loc, i am really trying to take care and enjoy my natural hair in a way ive never enjoyed it before. my hair has never been relaxed so its 100% natural anyway, but instead of fighting with it, i am loving it.