Monday, 1 June 2009

hiya how you all doing?????
im finding that the more i accept my hair is going to do its own thing, the more relaxed ive come to live with it, if it wants to stick up will !!!!
still lots and lots of unravelling at the front, but the back where my hair is coarser is coming along just fine, its really behaving back there!!!! i was thinking the other day, i wander what the back of my hair looks like, i hope i havent got lots of lint in it, i guess i will never know, until someone tells me, i dont like to cover my hair you see, it make my scalp dry and itchy, plus a cover at night NEVER stay on, so my hair is pretty much open to the elements all the time, im not too worried just sometimes i read threads about lint/build up/mould in locks.... i dont want mould in my locks.... oh i also had another nightmare........what would happen if you had head lice in locks???? ive never had head lice(thank god) but i have a three year old, they have head lice outbreak so often (so far hes never had it too...thank god) i think thats what scares me most about having locs...having nits oooooooooohhhh
anyway il post a few pic of what i look like in the warned its frightening!!!!
love 2 ya all


  1. was meant to say they have a headlice breakout at his pre school, so often..

  2. My babies look crazier than that in the