Tuesday, 9 June 2009

not free forming anymore

well its been a weekend!!!! i am having so many ups and downs with my hair, but it seems a lot of downs (its probably not, but thats just how i am feeling) my hair has been SO dry lately, it feels dry to touch, i havent found anything yet that works to add moisture, or to soften my hair abit??
also so much of my hair has undone, i really looked a mess yesterday and i didnt like it, im not sure if i am going to freeform, although i like the idea around it, i dont think i have got what it takes.... i just dont think i am ready to free form, i get so annoyed every time i wash my hair and it unravels, at this rate it really will be years until my hair even starts budding/locing.......SO i cracked and twisted them up a bit, not major retightening but just so at least they might have a chance of forming a loc!!!! i know if i left it freeforming it would eventually lock but my hair is so loose and naturally straight that it undos really easily, and it s kinda ruining my journey because i want to see progress but its disheartening when it completely unreavels.
im glad i have made this decision, as i think my hair will respond better to being retwisted when needed, and i am happier, and thats the main thing.
I al combined a few twist and made some new ones thicker, i want chunky locs, but i got quite alot of hair and its the third time i have combined some already, and i still think some are too thin, but im gonna leave it for now and maybe combine again in a few months.
hope you all ok, and your hair is behaving how you want it too.

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