Thursday, 4 June 2009

my first baking soda and acv rinse

well as the title says.... i gave it a go last night, i must admit i was a little disappointed, i dont know what i was expecting but i thought the baking soda would FIZZ up or something, i dunno, but nothing spectacular happened, i wouldn't say my hair felt any cleaner or different since doing this wash/rinse, it just feels the same really. the only different thing i did notice was that it brought the lint to the surface which was a good thing cos i could pick it out. 
a lot of my coils unravelled again, but i just couldn't be bothered to re twist, i'm too lazy and cant be bothered, so i just let it air dry and thats it, i like free forming, although i am a little worried about my roots locking in one big clump, as i do kinda want individual locks. 
heres a few pics after my 1st baking powder/acv rinse.

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