Tuesday, 9 June 2009

my hair is depressing me


  1. as you can see, all the hair at the front is loose, the back is still doing well, so i twisted them up with water/oil and im just gonna keep on doing this for now, at least until the hair no longer unravels

  2. my hair was looking like yours about a month ago. don't let it depress you. just keep loving it and embrace this current stage. it'll soon be behind you. maybe try aloe vera? it makes my hair hold a tad better than oil and water alone (which i've also tried). good luck!

  3. Aww, don't let it depress you too much. It's just a tiiiny bump in the road, ya know? My hair keeps coming untwisted in spots, and it drives me nuts. But it also gives me a (bad) reason to play in my hair. Haha!

    I agree with the other commenter. Maybe try a little bit of aloe next time. Keep playing around with different things to see what holds best for you.

    Keep at it!!